Best novel of 2012? Doug Wilson’s ‘Evangellyfish’
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It's certainly not a Christian insider novel, and it's not gentle. It cuts deeply and shamelessly. It resorts to sexual double entendre that will make the more pious reader's skin crawl. But it will make sense to anyone who's witnessed the horrifying antics, political quagmires, and social foolishness common to American experience and to its Christian evangelical subculture in particular.

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Aaron Belz lives in Hillsborough, North Carolina. A third, Glitter Bomb , will be published by Persea in March Click for reprint information.

See all comments. Evangellyfish Douglas Wilson Canon Press, pp. No comments See all comments.

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Love that about him! And congrats to Canon Press for having a winning book! Oklahombres reads LOTS out loud to me while I work or relieve him from driving he drives for a living.

new.userengage.io/site-rencontre-femme.php We enjoyed the book very much! Thank you both.

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Excellent read! Hope to see more from Mr.

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Wilson in the future:. Bless his heart! Thanks for sharing this happy news.

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Best to you dear ones from across the snowy miles. Very fun, Nancy! Wilson, We have read and enjoyed many of Mr. Recently, my husband, son, parents and I read Evangellyfish. We are trying to rationalize how someone of Mr.

Evangellyfish by Douglas Wilson

What is he trying to achieve with this work? Who is his intended audience? If it is intended for the non-Christian reader, does this book serve to evangelize? Would it bring an unbeliever to faith and repentance? Or would it be seen as another knock on Christianity?

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Should we still pursue the spiritual gifts? Women who are spending big bucks to have breast implants so they can wow everyone need to see how foolish they are being. The next chapter, Justice Schmustice, is now available to the reading public. Main St. No, it has to be something more than that. Bazooms is neither a serious term nor an erotic term.

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