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8 Ways To Start Or Buy An E-Commerce Business In Midlife
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Step 1: Ecommerce Business Plan and Business Model

Once you have a product idea in mind, how do you know if it will sell? Excited about starting a business, but not sure where to start? This free, comprehensive guide will teach you how to find great, newly trending products with high sales potential. We'll also send you updates on new educational guides and success stories from the Shopify newsletter.

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Get started. The next two posts will cover the various methods for acquiring your products, along with the pros and cons of each model. With your competitive research complete, it's the perfect time to write your business plan. A business plan will be your roadmap that helps bring your ideas and thoughts together. A business plan is vital in determining what to prioritize and how to effectively reach new customers.

Aside from finding an actual product to sell online, another challenging decision is determining your business or brand name and choosing an appropriate and available domain name. These blog posts will help you tackle these important tasks. However, before you jump into it, you should understand the basics of search engine optimization so that you can properly structure your site and pages for Google and other search engines.

II. Research and Prepare

There are many crucial elements to consider. Turn more website visitors into customers by getting a crash course in conversion optimization.

Access our free, curated list of high-impact articles below. One of the best ways to reach new customers is to choose sales channels where they already shop. You will learn the importance of creating a web presence for your business and the steps and options involved in doing so.

Why people are starting online businesses

Step 2: Write copy that sells. Step 3: Design and build your website.

Finally, you will be introduced to the practices of online marketing and e-commerce. You will learn about different forms of online advertising and why a business should consider employing them. You will learn about the importance of using social media to market your business to current and potential customers in the modern world.

You will learn about all the areas that need to be considered when integrating your web system with your business. You will learn about a variety of options available to a business when conducting e-commerce.

Start Ecommerce Niche Research

This course will be of great interest to business professionals in small-to-medium businesses, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to start using computer and internet technology to conduct business and reach customers in order to stay up-to-date in the modern digital world. Having completed this course you will be able to: - Define the term e-business and the different categories of e-business - Discuss ways e-business can help a business - Assess e-business needs and readiness for using e-business - Discuss ways in which you can find important information related to e-business - Discuss ways to minimize security risks for a business - Discuss different types of intellectual property - Describe the different services available that are provided by e-business service providers - Discuss the different types of websites a business might have - Describe the steps involved in creating a web presence for a business - Discuss the different benefits to online advertising - Discuss the benefits of social media marketing - Discuss approaches to mobile marketing - Discuss the different areas that are affected when integrating your web system with your business - Describe different online ordering system options.

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Best place to start an e-commerce business - eBay, Amazon or store?

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To start, I decided to do a simple packaging similar to how Teavana used to do their online ordering: labeled foil bags. I want fancy tins in the future, but for now, this made for a good MVP. I went on Amazon and picked up sealable foil bags of roughly the size I figured I needed, a heat sealer, shipping labels, shipping sleeves, and sticky labels I could use for the tea bags.

And then I went on Stickermule and ordered labels I could use for the foil bags to give them some branding.

I kind of had to guess at the sizes for this step. I ended up getting it right, thankfully. A week after ordering from the wholesaler, the tea arrived! It came in these cool vacuum sealed bricks:. And then my girlfriend and I spent the rest of the afternoon doing some experimenting with the packaging, which turned the dining table into a bit of a mess:. But at the end of it, we had the first few teas packaged, and ready to be sent to the first paying customer who may have been my mom , as well as Emily who designed the logo.

It was also at this point that I needed to take some product photos. And will likely add more samplers as the product library expands.

Everything was about ready to go from the physical product and store side, now I just needed to integrate the blog to feature our products. A blog on the root www. The first step was adding Fomo to the blog as well, pulling in Shopify sales data so people reading the blog got the CTAs as well:. I also added a section at the end of each article suggesting some teas they might like to try:.

Your 10 Point Checklist to Starting an Ecommerce Business

And then the tea reviews are now set to prefer recommending our teas over other teas:. And with that, everything seemed ready to go! The last step was to launch the store. I kept the launch fairly simple to start. I wrote this post, which while being informative, is also one giant advertisement. I featured the launch in my Monday Medley newsletter. And now… we wait and see what happens.

Step 1: Research, analyze and plan

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