How to Win ROTC Scholarships

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I am studying for at least a 30 or , which I think I can pull off.

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Will have 5 AP classes by graduation. ECs: Pretty good. I don't really play sports, so I won't have a varsity letter, unless I go back to track or I could try bowling lol. Another thing is, I'm kind of out of shape. Not completely that bad, but I kind of stopped working out after I stopped playing football frosh year.

ROTC does have some sort of physical standards, right? I am currently a Junior, so I have a little bit of time. If you or your son or daughter got a ROTC scholarship, could you please post their stats? Last edited: May 11, At this point on the forum most of us would say it's pretty hard.


You're competing against SA applicants who use the ROTC scholarship as a fall back position if they dont get an appointment. You are on the right track about improving test scores. I would definitely try to get a varsity letter. Get your application in early as soon as possible. Max out your PT.

Get those leadership positions. Keep an eye on this forum for information and advice. You're starting early-chances are good if you're able to follow the advice of experience here.

I got mine in early and got a scholarship. I never did any "sports" in high school.

Admissions and Aid

However, I did do martial arts for 4 years and got my black belt this last February. I also did Mock Trial. It's not a "sport" but it is a team. I was defense Captain Junior year. I think that if you decided to work on your PT and take the PFT and show them that you can be physically fit, it is possible to get a scholarship without the Varsity letters. My son has found that VMI lives up their marketing- it is a military environment, has a coast guard contact I think. VMI traditionally has graduates commissioning in all branches of service - but VMI is a military environment - not the usual college experience.

I can not tell where you live, there are several military type colleges, but if you have any questions there are excellent guys on this site to answer them. Good luck with your journey - it is certainly time to be starting your search - use the summer to get applications and PT going. In a nutshell recieving a scholarship is simple If you meet the requirments. It is true that you can have a SAT score of but that is just the minimum, most people who apply for these scholarships in fact have the same scores as you do. So what do you do to seperate yourself from the pack? Just a couple of other things.

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EC, and destroying good thing the interview!!! I myself wasn't an all A student, but I was sure close to it. If I could offer you any advice in order to help you out with standing out among everyone else it's to 1 Participate in EC's.

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Get your application in early as soon as possible. Look up the physical fitness exam standards for each of the military branches, and start training! How can you get around that one? Note: Financial information provided on this site is of a general nature and may not apply to your situation. The intent is to provide additional opportunities to all who, for any of the above or similar reasons, demonstrate the potential for future success as a naval officer. Moving around and always living by the water is appealing too.

Im not saying to join all the clubs in your school, but join them and be involved, hold leadership positions. The Military is head over heels for this type of leadership role. Most highschoolers don't even think about this If you do great on the interview and you excell in EC's and Grades. There is no reason to turn you down. SamAca10 Year Member. You're stats are looking pretty decent, but you definitely want to get a varsity letter That's what I did, and it worked out well for me.

I also received a full ride from one of my State Universities, so definitely look into those as well. Are you applying for the CGA then? It's a great school- you need to go visit it if you haven't already. Any other questions feel free to PM me. She is going to be studying Nursing so that may be an advantage and of course the military is short on women so that might also have helped. Good luck.

ROTC scholarships

For example, if you win an Air Force ROTC scholarship for engineering, you must be accepted into the engineering program as well as to the. Winning an ROTC scholarship from any branch of the United States military can offer relief from the potentially prohibitive costs of a college education. Providing .

You do have to be careful however, with next years scholarships looking at being even more competitive then this years, you need to keep in mind several factors. The boards are looking for tier 1 and 2 applications before tier 3 which is where poli sci falls. If you want to up your application, I suggest going for something like civil engineering. I do know that the navy does make you take classes such as physics anyways.

Second, as said above, you are going to want to get involved in as many leadership positions as possible. Third, you are going to want to get a varsity letter in some sport. Make sure you are in top shape come application time because you will have to do a PT test and they don't care if you work hard after you take that test.

Scholarship Questions

They only want to see the results of the test. That is an instant disqualification as far as the boards are concerned. PS: Army scholarships will allow you to study whatever you want, and will pay full room and board at most private colleges ;-. CronusMom Year Member. Receiving a scholarship certainly is not easy.

I read somewhere on this board that Navy awarded just over this year -- that's fewer slots than the Academy. I don't know the numbers for AF. The Navy vs. AF scholarships are different, so you will need to evaluate each to find the right fit for you depending on what major you are planning yes, Navy wants technical majors. You will need to research schools on your personal list for that information. You are a junior now, and it is time NOW to begin the process and complete your applications.

There is plety to be done this summer, and then, run, run, run. Standards for the CFA can be found on line. Applying early will insure your application is seen at as many board reviews as possible. If you are not selected at the first board which is August for Navy , your app will be reviewed at the following boards which continue monthly through April for Navy.

How To Qualify For ROTC Scholarships

I saw quite a few kids with stats higher than my son's that were rejected, and it appeared to me that many were due to timing. Some were rejected for medical issues. Show your interest to your local military recruitment office as early as possible, preferably during your junior year of high school.