La leyenda del príncipe ALEXUS (La Magia y la Naturaleza nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

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Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. Editors view affiliations David R. George, Jr. Front Matter Pages i-xv. Alexis Moh is a film-based artist who has worked with dancer Eiko Otake and filmmaker Jem Cohen since graduating from Wesleyan University in John the Divine. John the Divine and hasta la victoria siempre a documentary comparing the literal and metaphorical "island-ness" of Indiana, where she grew up, and post-Fidel-Castro Cuba is scheduled to show in a gallery in Matanzas, Cuba. This is her first narrative feature film.

Este es su primer largometraje narrativo. Gla is an artist who works in many medias including words, drawing, living being compilations, interior design, sound, photographic media, and fabrics.

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She teaches herself to sew costumes for the film, and is skilled at making props out of trashy stuff. She is awake this very instant and her dreams are vivid and essential. Hello, I'm Greg Foley. A lot of my friends call me G or GG. I grew up in Ohio and then met and befriended many of the folks working on this film at Wesleyan University, where I studied Film and American History. Since graduating I've mostly been working in conservation and green construction and touring and recording with my band, P'derrigerreo.

I used to have a fear of ventriloquist dummies but now I revere them and hope to make one someday.

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Hola, soy Greg Foley. Muchos de mis amigos me llaman G o GG. Interdisciplinary artist and researcher. He started working in films in in the art department of Felipe Cazals' Ciudadano Buelna. During he worked in the curatorial department of the Mexican Museum of Modern Art. Artista e investigador interdisciplinario. Torie is a writer, relationship builder, and playful spirit. Magnetized to the process of world-building through language and communication, she works to create and feed projects that tell transformative stories - stories that offer us new models for how we can live and be in the world, together, especially in ways that are life-affirming and connective.

This manifests in her filmmaking collaborations, as well as her work in Digital Marketing for the Soul of Money Institute and Donor Relations for generative somatics.

She bows down to her three mothers who, since day one, have done everything in their power to teach her that she is worthy, she is capable, and she belongs. We are constantly challenging ourselves to show our deep appreciation for all of the work done by all the people, in Mexico and the US, who are volunteering their time, energy, and resources to make this film dream a reality. Working in Mexico on a film crew made up of many Estadounidenses, there have been language challenges to digest and work through, both in the writing, directing, and acting of the film, as well as in small quotidian ways.

While it has largely been an experience of learning and inspiration, being foreigners and respectful ones at that is a constant element and consideration. We ask a lot of people to lend us tools and hands. But somehow, they seem to keep thinking that it's fun, and at the end of a long shoot day everyone is laughing. We are working hard to keep it that way and this fundraising effort is in large part to do so. The risks involved are not much different from those in any other thing you might do.

You have a miscommunication and plans need adjusting. You get sick at a bad time. These are things we would like to have a safety net for. But what we fear most is that while we are very inspired by other feats in film history of low budget-high concept works, this is the first time for a lot of things, for all of us. Balancing our means and collective energies, we are doing our absolute best to ensure our vision makes it entirely onto the screen.

A menudo pedimos herramientas y manos a las personas que conocemos. Si fallas en comunicarte, necesitas ajustar tus planes. Te enfermas en un momento en el que necesitas estar sano. The economic use of instruments and a sober stage design create a deliberately less glamorous atmosphere.

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He thus offers a unique song, which is both homage to Elvis Presley and American blues as well as a powerful response and expression of resistance to Anglo-American mainstream music from this side of the Ocean. If code switching in a song is already a meaningful organizational and aesthetic device meant to achieve both localization and globalization Davies , in this song there is much more, from text and linguistic switching to cultural hybridization and artful music contamination. The concept of transcultural intimacy , a collective intimacy beyond and across nations a main notion in Susam-Saraeva , opens new perspectives in this research.

Among them, Mario Bellavista, a jazz pianist from Palermo, should be noted. Bellavista, who is a lawyer by profession, has recently recorded an album entitled O sole mio , which is also one of its eight tracks. In a video interview accessible online, Bellavista points out that the three American artists warmly welcomed his proposal and even actively contributed to the arrangements [20]. Bellavista moves around New York by car but he does not do the driving. So he can better observe and enjoy.

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Although he is often in the video, it is mostly his privileged perspective that guides the camera, which contributes to making these images so personal and incisive. New York was the port of arrival in the USA for so many Italian migrants and as such it certainly has an important symbolic value in the video. However, this jazz version looks back and forwards at the same time.

Along the journey the song has taken on many more layers, opening to Afro-American rhythms and developing transcultural dimensions. What we think to be very far, is very close to us, or even inside us at times. Thanks to Harvie, Jerry and Eric, who have helped me feel more Italian. It is an important admission of transcultural intimacy and an implicit acknowlegment of the creative value of translational hybridization.

After all, it is its captivating passionate melody that has mostly driven the translational journey of the song, favouring the multifaceted encounters that mark out its exceptional progress. This opens broader contexts for research in popular song translation, while calling for more challenge-based approaches. To start with, flexibility is paramount. This leads to a view of the journey as an ongoing process of translational development.

Studying this progress as a translational continuum, rather than as a series of detached episodes of transformation, the article highlights the transcultural value gradually acquired by this popular song.

The adage that music is a migrant art par excellence is fully confirmed, in all its implications, starting from its hybridizing potentialities and openness to the provocative and inspirational acts of cultural translation we have studied here. As we have seen, the so-called Neapolitan songs have vague origins and Naples itself has always given signs of being an open-air workshop on resistance and cultural hybridization Pesc and Stazio Researchers in popular song translation should be aware that monolithic notions such as authenticity and cultural specificity as well as musical genre do not easily engage with their research, as this exemplary story of popular song migration amply confirms.

Music and Cultural Translation Studies can be precious allies.

Stronger contributions and greater contaminations from both study areas can be a way to go beyond traditional research-field boundaries, providing terrain for perspectives and innovative studies. However, we should be aware that high-level expertise and integrated competences in both Music and Cultural Translation Studies are highly desirable, but hard to find. Pioneering collaboration among scholars from the two different fields is therefore to be hoped for as one possible solution. Therefore, the concluding remark of the present article would like to be a deliberate open call for joint efforts in that direction.

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Empire and After. This letter, like its predecessor from Vera Cruz, is both more and less than a straightforward narrative of events, for it, too, has an essentially political purpose. The conquest of the Aztecs is more complicated than the simple myth of European superiority, but it remains an incredible achievement in military history. The concept of transcultural intimacy , a collective intimacy beyond and across nations a main notion in Susam-Saraeva , opens new perspectives in this research. Moreover, they are not included in the Bibliography on self-translation edited recently by Eva Gentes Gentes As self-translation has become an increasingly common practice in our globalized world, more research is carried out in this area.

Bigenho, Michelle Intimate Distance. Booth-Clibborn, William E. Minors ed , London, Bloomsbury. Davies, Earlys E. Brodbeck and J. Minors ed. Kapelj, Sara Testi in movimento.

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Teorie della migrazione nel panorama musicale alternativo italiano contemporaneo , Roma, Il Filo. Miller, J.