Living Generously for Jesus Sake (Adult Bible Study Guides)

The 25 Best Schools for Studying the Bible
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The 25 Best Schools for Studying the Bible

God promised them that through their offspring, the Hebrews, all the peoples of the earth would be blessed. In time, the Hebrews became slaves in Egypt, where they cried to God. God heard their cry and remembered the promise that had been made to Abraham and Sarah. After liberating the Hebrews, God established a covenant relationship with them, offering blessing to them as they followed the Torah, a set of laws or guidelines on how to live. But though the law was meant for good, it became a burden as some tried to prove themselves more righteous than others.

He lived a perfect, sinless life, to offer a view for humans of the way that God had designed us to live. Jesus proclaimed this way of life to be the kingdom of God, and invited humanity to live in this way.

Jesus was killed through crucifixion. Three days after he was killed, Jesus rose from the dead also known as resurrection as a testimony that he offered power over sin and death. New Creation Forty days after his resurrection, Jesus left the earth to be with the Father in heaven. But he did not leave us alone. He promised that he would send the Spirit to come and continue to show us how to live in the way of Jesus. For those who are followers of Jesus, the Spirit affirms us as children of God, empowers with gifts, convicts, guides, comforts, counsels, and leads us into truth through a communal life of worship and a missional expression of our faith.

When the Spirit came, the church began, and it continues today to extend the kingdom of God on earth. The church is a global and local expression of living out the way of Jesus through love, sacrifice, and healing as we embody the resurrected Christ, who lives in and through us, to a broken and hurting world.

We labor to restore relationships between God and humans, and among humans. We hold firmly to the belief that the way of Jesus is the best way to live and it is open to anyone who desires it. As a sign of commitment to living in the way of Jesus, we remember the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus through water baptism. But even as we labor for the kingdom of God, we know it is not yet complete.

1. The Marks of Childlikeness (Matthew 18:1-10)

We look forward to the day when Jesus will return, and God will fully and completely restore things to the way they were meant to be. God will dwell with us here in a restored creation. Our relationships with God, others, ourselves, and creation will be whole. All will flourish as God intends.

Living Generously for Jesus' Sake

This is what we long for. This is what we hope for. And we have given our lives to living out that future reality now. Live Like Jesus Jesus is first in our lives. Do This Together Jesus surrounded himself with others, so should we.

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Living Generously for Jesus' Sake (Adult Bible Study Guides) - Kindle edition by Jeff Raines, Renate Hood, Ronnie Hood, Gary Long, Leigh Ann Powers, Ross. Living Generously for Jesus' Sake--Large Print Adult Bible Study Guide: A copy that has been read, but remains in excellent condition.

Prayer, reading Scripture, and healthy study can grow our faith and love for Jesus. Spiritual disciplines connect us to Christ. Simply start in a book of the Bible we recommend the gospel of John and answer these 7 questions:. Start with just one chapter per day, and journal your thoughts and response to these questions.

Living Generously for Jesus' Sake - Digital Teaching Guide

Also, check out our resource center to find Bibles, Bible study tools, and good books that stir our affections for Christ. The Lord uses spiritual disciplines to align our hearts to His glory, will, and love. As we study the Bible, pray, rest, and share our story, our affections, thoughts, and desires align with God's best for us. Below are more recommended resources for diving into Scripture.

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Whether you are looking to read through the Bible in a year, or would like a consistent plan for reading portions of the Bible, the One-Year plan is for you. The One-Year Bible on Amazon. Download a printout of the plan.