Sorrows and Smiles: An engrossing saga of family, romance and secrets

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Robbie's a lovely lad, much less dangerous than Lu Cappa, who's always giving her the eye when he's out in his ice-cream van. Pam has to ask her best friend Jill to cover for her while she's out with Robbie. When Ivy finds out Pam's been lying, she makes sure the relationship with Robbie is over for good. Then Jill falls in love, and it's loneliness that makes Pam accept a date with Lu Cappa. Before she knows it, they're married. Even then, Pam knows Lu's still jealous of Robbie. And she can't help wondering what Lu's up to when he's out with his shifty brother.

When Robbie comes back into their lives, it could be the last straw. Her writing and these characters make it impossible to put the book down until the very end. This family and the members of the homicide division become our friends as we follow their struggles and joys. I love this series! Yes, I know I did. Force never fails to deliver a fresh and fascinating addition to an absolutely incredible series even after 11 books and counting!

The stories get better and better.

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And this couple…they are constantly growing and evolving. They are perfectly matched in both their brain power and physical energy to right what is wrong.

The fact they adore each other feeds them to protect each other no matter what. Stubborn, feisty, totally in love with her husband and son, their dynamic and chemistry is really great. I love it when an author takes a couple on in a series and shows us what their life is like after that initial HEA.

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Force writes a great story with wonderful characters. If you are a fan of the Fatal series, you will devour this one as well.

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But, they handle the situations beautifully. I am like a crazy person when I get my hands on each one of the books in this series. Overall it really was an excellent book. This series is fantastic in so many ways making it a definite must read for mystery fans. I think it might be my favorite in the series so far! The romance, the mystery, the ongoing story lines…everything about these story lines has me sitting on the edge of my seat and begging for more. I am anxiously awaiting the next in this series.

I LOVE reading about all my other favorite characters and how their relationships are progressing also.

Nick and Sam are a perfect pair and Marie Force is definitely an author to watch! I love Sam and Nick.

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From beginning to end, I gobbled it up! If you enjoy romance, a great family, small town and wonderful couples, not to mention sweet fun sexy stories, then you need to read this series. I was cheering for Ella and Gavin to get it all together and finally be happy. How does Marie Force keep making me fall in love with this family over and over again?

The story of healing with touch you, and the intensity of the sensual connection will have you swooning. The characters feel like family and friends. Marie Force just has that something special in her writing that you cannot get enough of. With each book this series gets better.

You just fall more in love with this family chapter by chapter, book by book. If you have not read Marie Force you truly are missing out on something special. The Abbott family is honestly to die for! I loved the banter, family dynamics, and the journey to finding true love. She makes me want to be a part of it! She has a way of pulling you right in from the very first page and never letting you go until the very end.

I recommend the entire series though.


I loved them together. Their chemistry was off the charts and their love scenes burned up the pages. I highly recommend this book for romance lovers looking for a great love story! The characters have heart and lots of humor.

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Pure delight to fall under the spell of the Abbott clan, who are a close knit, family who work and play together, and welcome Lucy with open arms and hearts. It was witty and sexy with the right amount of bedroom talk. It pulls you right in from the very first page and never lets you go.

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I felt like I was up on that mountain with Colton and Lucy trying to figure out life. I could almost smell the pine trees. Their relationship is very new but also very hot. The teasing they do to each other is perfectly delicious. Will they figure out how to be together? Force has a rare talent; a true artist, she creates a world that pulls the reader right in! When Nolan finally sees that Hannah is opening up to the idea of new relationships, he fights for her, despite not believing he is good enough for her. Not even when you reach the end of the book. The plot was good; the pacing was dang near perfect.

Force has created something special with her Green Mountain series and the Abbott family are three-dimensional characters that walk right off the pages and into your heart! This is the second book in it and I immediately went looking for the first. Force managed to give each Abbott child their own space in the family dynamic and their interactions with each other were wonderful each sibling having a different bond with the other.

Force has me craving a story for each one. As I sit here, I can name all 10 and what they do for a living, this is some masterful writing. It has some sexy hot scenes, a great story that felt real and the promise of more from the Abbott family. Entertaining to say the least! The best part? This is one of those long standing series that has not faded with time, and I love just as much today as I did when I picked up the first. Each new installment rekindles the warmth, camaraderie, and community that is central to this series.

I am amazed at how she can write about a family with ten siblings and give each one of them and their significant others a unique personality. Returning to Butler, VT and the Abbott family is like coming home. This series is everything I love about a family saga. While his family certainly voices their concerns about his new relationship, they live up to their family motto of sticking together and supporting one another. This is a romance truly about soulmates, learning about one another and building trust.

I wanted to see what made this man tick.

I wanted to get to know him and Marie Force did not disappoint me I loved his story. You have to read and experience the wonder that is Wade. Charming, sexy, and omg! So freaking sweet. The man had me falling for him within minutes. My emotions are taken on this roller coaster ride, and I do not want it to end. Their chemistry was explosive and their romance was oh so sweet! Let it be known love blooms at any age with the same strength of passion.

These lovers are off the charts scorching! I also really like that the characters all interact with each other. I devour her books when they come out and always look forward to reading more. Another five star read! Anytime a man steps in to help a single mom and accepts and loves the child as much as and separately from the mother always melts my heart.

I know the people, how good they are and the HEA will happen. With the right amount of romance, passion and more, the author does an amazing job with the lush background of Vermont to steal the reader away for hours on end and captivate them till the last page is read. It had more than enough to offer. The romance felt real, the dynamic between Aubrey and his mother, and also the rules of society was handled well, and the mystery surrounding the reason for Maeve being in danger was a good part of the story.