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This living oracle speaks from the timeless regions of the Celtic Otherworld to the heart of our modern needs. Recreated by Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Wisdom Sticks restores a lost treasury of meaning and insight gained from the "wisdom of the trees. Ogam has been associated with the Druids and is part of the ancient Bardic wisdom of the Celts.

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For users today, this original kit presents a beautiful set of twenty-one authentic ogam sticks or "slips of wood. Handling these is like stepping back in time, and, by following Caitlin Matthews' guidance, fascinating answers to everyday questions can be divined.

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I love this trilogy. Now he has found and caught it and is going to cook it. Celtic Spirit Books. Description Details From a precious oral tradition rooted over 2, years in Ireland's past, John O'Donohue's Celtic Wisdom Trilogy brings you this vibrant spiritual legacy, unique in the Western world. The Muse. Drawing on folklore, legends, transcriptions, ancient Roman texts, and the literature of Ireland, Scotland, France, and Wales, this comprehensive guide brings to life the Celt ideology. Frog Music.

The accompanying book provides fascinating background information and full instructions for use of the ogam sticks along with various methods of deepening awareness of the meaning of each magical letter. Come save on used books in the Clearance Aisle. Shop now. The great tragedy is that, as a result, these people feel they have forfeited the right to be in sacred relationship with the earth.

Reward Yourself The Wisdom Of The Celts (Wisdom Library) (): Patricia King, Gina Sigillito, Sile Deady: Books. The spiritual wisdom of the Celts has been preserved for us in poetry of haunting beauty and simplicity. The selection of poems and prayers in this.

They believe that relationship is reserved for the indigenous peoples of the earth. Our sacred relationship to all creation is an inalienable spiritual birthright that cannot be lost. Indeed, the remedy for the excesses and alienated lifestyle of Western culture is to reclaim the sacred relationship once again. The Anam Cara program will use the Celtic Tradition as apattern of reconnection while supporting each student , whatever his or her own indigenous culture. Home Home About Blog.

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If you are of northern European descent, this is your indigenous tradition. Celtic Spirituality What is now known as Celtic spirituality is a three-layered tradition spanning 10, years. Your Birthright Indigenous knowing is a part of all of us.

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