Visions from the Valley

Visions in the Valley (DA Visions Meeting)
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Taking all these facts into consideration the MAS LA students were challenged to provide solutions how the area could be used without the expensive drainage system. The proposed designs for the area should combine park elements with student projects, one of which we herewith introduce:.

Visions of the valley

The project deals with a hybrid landscape of fragmented rural and urban characteristics. Gifted Program Services. International School. Pre-Kindergarten Program. K Curriculum Overview. Library Services.

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Visions of the Valley

12k Followers, Following, 67 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Valley Visions (@iamvalleyvisions). (Jun 25, ) - Next year the Hamilton Conservation Authority turns Forged in the fight to protect the Dundas Valley from the future , it's now wondering.

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Visions of a different future come to us all at different times, in different places and in different ways. Whenever, wherever and however these visions appear is not really important, but what we decide to do with these visions is.

“Valley Visions” Art Exhibit Opening

If you have glimpsed something better, if you have been inspired, does it follow that you will feel compelled to act to give those visions a chance at coming to life? Unfortunately there are a lot of internal and external factors that dissuade us from taking action, whether it is a lack of time, confidence or money, fear, family expectations or a local Council that makes it difficult to get our ideas off the ground.

I will admit that I am someone who lives to vision and dream, but often falters when it comes to taking action for any of number of reasons, which in essence amount to fear. For those of us who are members of Landcare, or other such groups, these visions are often of a greener future, and this is something we feel intensely passionate about.

Razor Behavior - Prada Bag (Official Video) - Directed By Valley Visions

Through following our passions and living our dreams with our visions in sight, we are being true to ourselves. Will that focus and energy eventually overcome or nullify the obstacles we saw in the beginning? Conversely, in not acting, will we look back on our lives with deep regret and sadness over what might have been for ourselves personally, our communities and the planet? Rosabeth Moss Kanter, a sociologist turned management expert, with an early academic interest in utopian societies and communes, is quoted as saying:. As discussed previously amongst Landcare members, we all have a personal stake in what our groups does. In our self-interest, we do want to better ourselves and become something more as Kanter suggests, or perhaps we long for the sense of belonging that such a group can offer. For some our vision becomes a calling, for others a hobby, for some a job, but no matter to what degree that vision becomes part of our life, the cost of not acting on it is surely a high price to pay.

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